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At Zavrou Psychology Center, we provide a variety of comprehensive psychological services focusing on individual, family, and group therapy. We welcome patients of all ages starting with children as young as three years old, adolescents, and adults, with a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties. Zavrou Psychology Center uses Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as the main approach to treatment, and, specifically, exposure with response prevention (ERP) for anxiety disorders and OCD. We also treat impulse control disorders, such as Tourette’s disorder, tics, and trichotillomania, using habit reversal training (HRT). 

About Dr. Sophia Zavrou


Dr. Zavrou graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She then traveled abroad to study at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom where she earned a Master’s degree in Social & Developmental Psychology. It was then at the University of Indianapolis where Dr. Zavrou concluded her education, graduating at the top of her class, having earned a Master’s of Clinical Psychology and culminating with a Doctorate of Psychology Degree. 

Dr. Zavrou has practiced in a variety of clinical settings, including youth residential facilities, hospitals, community mental health centers and private practice. She completed her postdoctoral training at the Rothman Center of Pediatric Neuropsychiatry where she specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD, and impulse control disorders. Dr. Zavrou has specific interest and expertise in working with young children (ages 3 to 7 years) and their parents, however she has experience and qualification to treat patients of all ages. 

In addition to her clinical experience, Dr. Zavrou has been involved in research within the field of anxiety disorder treatment and cross-cultural psychology. She is a licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida and Cyprus. She is fluent in English and Greek. 

Select Publications

Rudy, B. M., Zavrou, S., Johnco, C., Storch, E. A., & Lewin, A. B. (in press). Parent-Led Exposure Therapy: A Pilot Study of a Brief Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety in Young Children. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Zavrou, S., & Storch, E. A. (2017). Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors Among Cypriot Teenage Dancers: Preliminary Incidence and Clinical Correlates. Journal of Sport Behavior, 40 (3).

Zavrou, S., & Poulakis, M. (in press). Stigma and Attitudes Toward Seeking Counseling: A Pilot Study of Cross-Cultural Differences Between College Students in the US and Cyprus. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Storch, E. A., Zavrou, S., Collier, A. B., Ung, D., Arnold, E. B., Mutch, P. J., Lewin, A. B., & Murphy, T. K. Preliminary Study of Family Accommodation in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Anxiety: Incidence, Clinical Correlates, and Behavioral Treatment Response. Journal of Anxiety Disorders (2015). 10.1016/j.janxdis.2015.06.007

Zavrou, S., & Storch, E. A. (in press). Persistent motor or vocal tic disorder. In E. Wenzel (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of abnormal and clinical psychology.

Zavrou, S., & Storch, E. A. (in press). Blood-injection-injury phobia. In E. Wenzel (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of abnormal and clinical psychology. 

Zavrou, S., Rudy, B. M., & Storch, E. A. (in press). Interventions for childhood and adolescent obsessive-compulsive disorder. In L. A. Theodore (Ed.). The handbook of applied interventions for children and adolescents. 

Rudy, B. M., & Zavrou, S. (in press). The matching game: A case of symmetry obsessive compulsive disorder in a 7-year-old boy. In E. A. Storch, & A. B. Lewin (Eds.), Clinical handbook of obsessive-compulsive and related disorders: A case-based approach to treating pediatric and adult populations. New York: Springer.

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Global Pediatric Behavioral Health Poster Presentation

University of South Florida

Kerry Heffner Outstanding Student in Clinical Psychology Award

University of Indianapolis

Graduated Summa Cum Laude

University of Colorado at Boulder

The Karl F. Muenzinger Award Recipient

University of Colorado at Boulder

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association

Florida Psychological Association

International OCD Foundation

Cyprus Psychological Association

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